Community Tech’s Technologists and Trainers want to support your team!

CTS Technologists help organizations overcome barriers to success:

We offer guidance to large and small business leaders in selecting and implementing digital and hardware based tools and systems to improve both the office-based and remote work capabilities of their organizations.

  • Navigate and manage the barrage of technical challenges that come with remote work platforms and e-commerce
  • Transition to cloud telecom via hosted VoIP service provider; offering add-ons like video conferencing and App-based business phones system.
  • Develop and support you to administer your Google Suite or Office365 collaboration and management platforms
  • Support for Customer Relations Management system optimization, customization and integration
  • Connect you with cloud-based business communication, collaboration, and data security tools to improve your business’ remote work efficiency
  • Upgrade your business website to include e-commerce
  • Manage and improve your outward facing online and social presence to build stronger community and improve communication/increase sales
  • Plus network systems administration, server virtualization, desktop support on all platforms

In addition to making your organization run smoothly from a technical perspective, CTS provides training to support your team while they are learning to work with new tools

Our Trainers will support and inspire you and your team:
  • Assist with learning to use everything from email and shared calendars to cloud document libraries and video conferencing all the way to setting up a website and online store
  • Work with you to develop and administer Google-Suite or Office365 management platform for productivity, training your team to love it
  • Setting up and customizing your business phone or conferencing system, website store or social media presence, training your team to love it

Please contact us with your inquiry.