The CTS Team

Who We Are

CTS is a team of technology, education and business professionals working together to support our community in choosing, implementing, and supporting technology to strengthen organizations:

Leadership Team

Dmitri Calvert: Managing Partner/Chief Consultant/PM

Collin Miller: Director of Operations

Cat Legere: Director of Business Development

Karina Gersten: Project Coordinator

Liz Calvert: Business Manager

Tech Team

Adelmo Quintana: Tech Support Specialist

Albert Hronich: Tech Support Specialist

Monique Trujillo: Project Coordinator, Tech Support Specialist 

Installation Team

Todd Tosta

George Lujan

Jesse Trujillo


Brownrice Internet



CMLegere Design and Communications

CTS Updates

Business Updates

School Tech Solutions has rebranded as Community Tech Solutions and expanding our network of professional services consultants, IT Administrators, Technicians, and Equipment Installers to better serve both our school clients, and the larger business community of northern New Mexico. Our aim is to bring the best minds and hearts in technology in our community together to engineer solutions to problems, big and small, facing education and business.

Team Updates

We welcomed Monique Trujillo of Questa, NM to the team this year and she has been a great addition. She is a recent Questa Schools Technology Assistant retiree who strives “to make technology as simple as possible for both staff and students, so they can learn about and enjoy new innovations in technology.” She joins Adelmo Quintana and Albert Hronich on the Technician crew supporting the daily needs of your staff and students and keeping your technology infrastructure healthy.

Karina Gersten joined us as Project Coordinator this past fall and has helped us get work done on your behalf, including support for filing of E-Rate, scheduling, dispatch, and procurement. Karina has worked as a business owner, licensed NM Pre-K teacher, public school office admin, and has a background in Management Information Systems and Business Administration.

Our Founder and Senior Systems Engineer, Dmitri Calvert, and his spouse, Liz Calvert, our Business Manager, will be moving their family to Vermont this summer to be closer to Liz’s family. Over the next year, Dmitri will be traveling to Taos regularly and will spend most of the Summer and Fall in Taos to support the start of the school year. He will continue to lead the company and actively consult, advise, and provide high level system administration support to our clients.

Collin Miller will be stepping in as Director of Operations to support the Calverts through this transition as he steps away from his Director of Technology position at Taos Academy. Collin brings a business background combined with strategic technology management and systems administration experience.

Our team of equipment installers also continues to grow with the addition of George Lujan, Jesse Trujillo, and Antonio Lujan, with continued support from Todd Tosta on network infrastructure and low voltage projects.

In an effort to strengthen our offerings for our clients and in addition to expanding our internal team, we continue to develop strategic partnerships with outside Technology providers and leaders.

Our Services

We are shifting to a new model of service in the coming year, offering clients Managed Service Contracts, as a base for working together, with an expanded list of separate project offerings available upon request. Managed Service Contracts will improve capacity to strategically plan and budget for services over multiple years, and allow us to more efficiently allocate time and resources to ensure optimal support.

We believe that our evolution and business development efforts will result in improved support, service, and learning outcomes, and an improved overall experience for our customers.